This is a simple boilerplate that includes Bootstrap and Timber/Twig

To remove this alert, simply remove {{ }} found inside index.twig

Front End (JS/SCSS/Bootstrap)

  • Not all Bootstrap components are enabled. Uncomment them inside scss/main.scss.
  • Not all JavaScript dependencies are imported. You can import them inside js/main.js.
  • Files are compiled using Gulp/Webpack to produce distributed files inside dist folder.


  • Twig is used for all front end files.
  • Two menus have been automatically created (Main Menu and Footer Menu)
  • BrowserSync should be active and will reload the page whenever your php/twig/js/scss changes.
  • You can continue to use wp-cli.phar in the root to manage Wordpress Plugins and other features from command line.

Amending this boilerplate